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Wedding Day

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

This was written in 2006 at the request of my then fiance for our wedding. It is published at the end of How Not To Be a Boy.

This, they say, is the best it gets -

this glorious day, so let’s

have this glorious day and kiss Goodnight,

and wake up hung over, and fight.

And make up and kiss Goodnight,

and wake up and make jokes:

some good, and make plans

and kiss Goodnight and sleep

and hold hands.

And wake up and insist and be wrong

and laugh like monkeys, without understanding, and be right.

And then let’s kiss

and kiss

and kiss

and kiss

and kiss

and kiss Goodnight,

and sleep

and keep each other warm

and wake up

and take up each other’s cause

and forsake all others, for as long as the light lasts.

And then let’s kiss our last goodnight

And Oh! Christ let me dream of your sweet face then.

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