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To Woo You

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I wrote this in about 1997.

To Woo You

To woo you

Would that not be

a grand, fantastic thing to do?

For will-they-won’t-they?

To be I do, I do too.

I’m wired all the time

and tired of the game

and mired in sin

and steeped in shame.

So let the sun seep in

my luck-leaking friend.

Can we not end this palaver and this fuss?

Cannot you and me become us?

And would it not become us

to say, Look!

Here’s a hook.

Here I’ll hang my coat and stay.

Here I’ll settle down.

And you, you charmer you chancer, you clown -

you stay too.

Let’s play

on the seesaw.

I’m bored of the swing.

Now wouldn’t that be a becoming thing?

And wouldn’t all the homeless virgins sing?

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