• abigailburdess

Remembrance Day

We remember them

Who hour by shining hour

Gave all they had to give

For someone else’s power

But yet the dead do live

We sing their songs so we

Might hear their voices still

They live in you and me

If human life should end

A few decades from now -

The endless quiet descends

And none remember how

They lived and loved and tried

With no mouth left to sing

And no eye left to cry

No voices on the wind

The dead forever die

The poppies turn to ash

Against a livid sky

In piles of smoking trash

The dead forever die

So we remember them

While we are here to cry

And we will honour them

Refusing to stand by

In silence as our hours and days

For which they gave their everything

Go up in smoke and drift away

Listen. You can hear them sing.

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