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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This poem was written for the Grenfell disaster.

When you mutter dark incantations

Again and again:

Us and Them,

Us and Them,

Then you cast a spell.

To be poor

Is a character flaw

To be ill or ailing

Or old or weak

A moral failing

Money falls where is just

So all in the kingdom must

Be well

When you tell these lies

Then realise

You summon hell

Call up demons and demons will appear

Look! Here’s Satan dancing on the roof

Dear God, the smell!

Soot falls like snow

And they throw

Children from the window

That they might remain

On earth

Now, by his red light

You see the truth:

We are the same

We are worth the same

And only dumb luck

Keeps your baby from the flame

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