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Game of Thrones

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This poem was written in 2016. It was called War Baby, originally.

Tell me a story

And let it be a story of leathery wings and mad kings and gore

Tell me a story and through that story let me fight a war

So when my blood lust swells

When the will to spill

Beats within my pelvic bones

I remember what it looked like last time

I remember, watching Game of Thrones

The burnt flesh

The crunching of what were once cheeks

So easy to forget how war is born

And how conceived

Just one quick fuck between ignorance and greed

One quick angry fuck because we're bored

And don't we deserve a little fun?

We've been careful for so long

Don't we deserve a little ‘We don't like your sort round here'?

Often we don't even know we got knocked up

Though looking back the signs were there

We were getting fat, but always hungry

Always wanting something

Something more

Well, it's started now: the turning inside out

And there's no going back

Here it comes...

The agony, the iron smell, the wet

Here's War

Three thousand feet tall and screaming its head off with need

We must feed all our other babies to it

So tell us a story

Don't let us get bored

Sing of arms

Sing of arms to keep us safe from harm

Sing a song of ice and fire

Cause we've been careful for so long

So tell us a tale about the best of times the worst of times

If you tell us a story then maybe

We'll resolve our conflicts at the break to Act Three

Instead of hanging each other by the thumbs from the nearest tree

And cutting off our feet

Here it comes 

Quick, tell us a story

Don't you hear the drums?

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