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For Farage

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This poem was written in 2016.

For Farage

‘We’ve Got Our Country Back!’ he cries

Holding high her partly-severed head

‘We’ve Got Our Country Back!’ as Britain lies

Gasping, dying, very nearly dead

And as we rush to lay our hands

Upon her bleeding sides

And weep to see her open wounds

And pray that she survives

He dances on her almost-corpse

And tells his stupid lies

‘We’ve Got Our Country Back!’

Know this - if Britain dies

You may not speak her name

You may not eulogize

We love our country too

We love our country more than you

Who picked her scabby places sore

And tore her limbs apart

We love her canny thinking

And we love her open heart

We love our country true

We love our country best

So we will lay our roses on her mutilated breast

And we stand in silence as we watch the hearse arrive

It is because we love her

That we wanted her alive

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